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June 25, 2014

My children, Luke and Lily, are my everything.  As a first time Mom with twins of different orientations I am in a world where chaos and differences rule the universe.  Luke and Lily are so different an yet they are a complete reflection of their parents and extended family.

In 2013, my children began their educational career at St. Valentine's Pre-school which closed in June 2013.  By March I was in desperate need of a new pre-school for my children.  Thanks to networking my plight with the librarians at the Bloomfield children's library, I found Kids Corner. Thank God.

Luke and Lily are amazing they absorb all things like sponges and are usually eager to learn more.  They are different in the sense that Lily is the extrovert twin and Luke is the introvert one however, Mrs. Francesca saw to it that my children were well cared for in a stable and creative environment.  Miss Ana was also instrumental in making sure that my children were participating and contributing in all school activities.  Luke and Lily learning the days of the week and months of the year in English and in Spanish was just "cool" to me.  Mrs. Francesca and Miss Ana were also available to advise and work with me through any issue/s I had or with any additional help Luke and Lily needed whether it be emotional or educational.

Aside from the basic needs that pre-school children do require (letter and number writing), Luke and Lily have evolved into readers.  They now read to me at night and I am in love with their small voices.  Learning their address and phone numbers are essential things that as a first time Mom I just don't think about on a day to day basis or perhaps believed that they were too young to grasp such knowledge, but the school was instrumental in the children's learning of them.  I am also grateful that Kids Corner teaches their students to reach out and appreciate our beloved community of senior citizens and community civil servants of police, fireman, dental and others who just wish to share their learned knowledge of the world with this generation of our next heroes to come.

Luke and Lily's creativity in arts and crafts are a sight to behold and their manner of speaking (when they want to of course) gives me a sense of pride that is not measurable.  I am amazed at what my children have taught me while they were learning at Kids Corner.  I am also amazed that Luke and Lily participated in dance/movement class and sang songs to the top of their lungs to show their Mommy what they were learning.  I thank Mrs. Kallay especially for all her patience and kindness in teaching all of the children how to come out of their own little shells - she is truly an amazing asset to the Kids Corner staff.

I am forever grateful to the administrative, learning and care giving staff of Kids Corner for their immense contribution towards the success of my children's lives.  Thank you so much to you all.

Keep up the continuing hard work,
Daisy M. H.
Proud parent of future kindergarten students at Demarest Elementary School

 May 29, 2014

We are so happy to have found this place.  Don't look any further, you have found the right place. Our daughter, almost 5 years old, has been going there for the past year, and she is happy there. We regret not finding it for our older son (6Y) before.  It's a big progress on her.  We have seen a positive change in her social skills.  Her talking, reading and writing skills are amazing.  She has grow so enthusiastic about school.  We can't thank Mrs. Francesca and all the staff at the school enough.  The cleanliness in the place is outstanding.  The curriculum is full of activities, never a dull moment.  Security at the school is also very comforting and a top priority.  Our daughter comes home with a new and exciting thing she learned every day.  Our youngest son will be attending next year and has found so much inspiration in his older sister that he has been counting the day's until its his turn.  We really appreciate the love and help.  Thanks Kids Corner.


The C. Family

May 14, 2014

My daughter has been attending this school (Kids Corner) since last November, she has learned a lot since; she learned how to write her name and all letters and numbers.  The staff is amazing, I'm impressed.  I'm sending her to this school next year as well.  Ms. Francesca is a great teacher, she knows how to handle and manage the class very well.  Ms. Ana is also great with kids.  They both are wonderful and all the kids love them.  Ms. Mary and Peter are very very nice and understanding for both parents and kids.  I highly recommend it...

Marwa S.

October 11, 2013

Our daughters love Kids Corner.  The youngest one started in the Pre-K program.  Her teacher, Miss Francesca was so enthusiastic she instilled a love of learning that shines in our daughter to this day.  When she started Kindergarten her teacher said "Daniella writes her name like a 5th grader."

Since starting elementary school both our daughters attend the schoolage programs, before and afterschool.  The people who work at Kids Corner are simply wonderful.  We feel comfortable leaving our precious children in their care.  The environment is clean and safe.

The children are sometimes upset if we come early to pick them up because they are having so much fun.  The children have the opportunity to get their homework done, have a snack and of course some playtime.

Mary Mathis and Peter Crincoli run a tight ship. Everything is well run and organized.

As parents it is a delight knowing our children are in such capable hands.  We love Kids Corner too.

Mr. and Mrs. R.

September 20, 2013

Our daughter is now in 1st grade at Franklin School and last night was Back to School night.  Now it’s Back to School night so I did not intend to get any real “face-time” with the teacher.  However, the teacher grabbed my husband and I to tell us how unbelievable our daughter is doing in the class - how she’s one of two children who know how to read (the other child attended Kids Corner with Aliyah), write very neatly and listen very well, while being very self-sufficient.

And, I made sure that the teacher - after 30 minutes of her raving to us - that we have to thank and attribute Aliyah’s success to Kids Corner.  They set her up for success and, also set us, as parents, up for success.  Aliyah has her first test next week on site words and I’m not worried at all because she learned them in preschool at Kids Corner.

This is the second compliment about Aliyah’s success I’ve received from two teachers that Aliyah’s had since graduating from Kids Corner.

Desiree M.

July 24, 2013

Our twins came to Kids Corner after attending another Pre-K for two years.  The reason we came to Kids Corner was because our son’s special education program at Bloomfield’s Oak View school was moving from the morning to the afternoon and we needed to switch to a Pre-K in district so that the town would provide transportation to and from Oak View.  We knew Kids Corner was a good place as our other child attended the aftercare program and always enjoyed herself.

We've been so pleased with Kids Corner's Pre-K program.  My children are happy to go each day and they come home happy.  Their letters, numbers and sight word skills have improved tremendously after attending Kids Corner.  So much so that it was noted at their kindergarten screening that their letters and numbers were excellent!.  My twins have enjoyed great field trips, picnics and barbecues.  They've benefited from the wonderful “Ages Together” program, where the Pre-K has lunch with the seniors group at Park Street Church.  We've been to yard sales around town, and my little kiddies know more people than I do thanks their participation in the Ages Together Program!

Miss Francesca, Miss Elizabeth, Peter and Mary Mathis have been more than accommodating and caring with my children.  They were particularly helpful with my son's schedule for his special Pre-K program.  When the district bus started coming too early for my son, and shortening his lunch, Kids Corner made sure I knew what was going on.  This allowed me to contact the district and adjust his pickup time and allow him to eat without rushing. 

I feel very lucky that our children attended Kids Corner and I’m thankful that such a wonderful resource is right here in Bloomfield.

Christine L.

June 10, 2013

Our daughters began Kids Corner Pre-K when they were 4 and 3 years old.  We were so excited to have them attend as our Niece had gone to the afterschool program and we were very fond of her experience.  We had also experienced two day care centers that we were unhappy with.

Our 3 year old was the youngest in the class.  She was just fine because her teachers are skilled child care professionals and were able to teach her and guide her along with the 4 and 5 year olds in the class.  The class is typically small compared to other Pre-K programs which was great for our family.  Our daughters need a lot of attention and I felt that their needs were always met by the Pre-K Teachers.

Our older daughter is a super loving handful and has an uneasy adjustment to the new school.  The Kids Corner staff took the time to talk with us about making sure that our daughters experience was good.  She went on to Kindergarten well prepared.  The writing practice and school readiness work that the teachers do daily were valuable because our daughter made the adjustment to the rigors of Kindergarten very well.

I wish that after Pre-K, school continued to be as wonderful as the experience that Kids Corner provided for our daughters.  Sadly, kids don’t get as much art, music, dance and play in grade school now.  Kindergarten is much less about play, socialization and learning to adjust to school as much as it was when we as parents went to Kindergarten.

I am so happy that my girls experienced Kids Corner where they did amazing art projects, danced and sang daily and got to socialize and interact with each other and the Bloomfield Community through field trips and socialization with the Church’s Senior Volunteers in Ages Together.  

Our family is very thankful to Kids Corner.  We recommend the program highly and appreciate the Kids Corner staff tremendously.

The C. Family

February 28, 2013

My husband and I went for our first Parent/Teacher conference with Aliyah's Kindergarten teacher at Franklin School.  The teacher told us how well Aliyah is doing, especially with recognizing her site words and how her handwriting is far beyond the other children in her class. She mentioned the same for her classmate, Carla, who attended Kid's Corner PreSchool with Aliyah last year.  The teacher, as do my husband and I, attributes Aliyah and Carla's success to Kids Corner.  Whatever you and your team are doing - keep doing it! 

We couldn't be more proud of Aliyah's progress.  

By the way, Aliyah is the only child in her class who is reading - reading full books too!  Just in time to read one of her favorite books to her class next week for Dr. Seuss Week.

Thank you so much for your dedication, commitment, guidance and love you provide my daughter and the other children.  

Aliyah's little twin sisters will definitely go to Kid's Corner preschool next year!


Desiree M.

January 2012

Daniella's Kindergarten Teacher said, "Daniella writes her name like a 5th grader."

Anna R. (Daniella's Mom)

May 20, 2011

I just wanted to say Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You!  Yesterday Alonzo was tested for his placement into Kindergarten at Watsessing Elementary School.  The young lady who tested him said that Alonzo was well beyond prepared for Kindergarten.  She also stated that based upon his current skills Alonzo would probably be reading by September.  I could not say enough about Kids Corner, Mrs. Francesca and the entire staff!  To hear what I already knew was such a great thing!

I must admit that I was a little anxious about Alonzo's testing as he said he didn't want to do it and wasn't going to.  So to have him come out of the testing area and hear that he was such a pleasure, that he was so well mannered, that he knew all that was asked of him and more...Wow!  What else can you say?

Words can never express the truly heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Francesca and the rest of the Kids Corner staff for helping Alonzo to Shine!  Thank you again.


M. N. (Alonzo's Mom)

December 22, 2010

Kid's Corner is an Excellent After School Program.  Ms. Mary Mathis and Peter are great with the kids.  They are very nice and very supportive and very understanding to the parents.  My daughter attended kid's Corner from kindergarten throughout the Middle School. She is now a 9th grader at Bloomfield High.  She loved the care and the attention that they gave her as a student there.  Now, her first year in high school she went back to volunteer for them after school.  Kid's Corner is Excellent. A+++.


December 22, 2010

Kids Corner is a place where your kids can have fun and enjoy.  They take all ages from preschool to sixth grade.  The children are able to eat healthy snacks that Kids Corner provides.  Kids Corner also has a homework room.  This allows them to complete their homework.  Not only is their homework completed there, its also checked.  Kids Corner is very organized and great with the kids.  Their staff members are really interactive with the kids.  Everyday there is something new and fun to do.  It can be from making arts-n-crafts, to playing group games.  Kids Corner is definitely a first choice after school program I would recommend!


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